Reset - 10 Day Meditation Challenge 


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Hello Beautiful!

I am so excited you are here! Welcome to  self C.A.R.E. with Vanessa. 







Sculpt and tone your body, nurture your heart, balance your brain, build strength, and feel confident.

Whether you are looking an an quickie workout or a total mind body and soul transformation you are in the right place!

My goal is to give you all the tools and support you need to meet your goals on and off the mat!



Programs to Empower

C.A.R.E  is an invite to explore, reset and awaken your best life!  Through daily journaling, mindful movement, meditation, and rituals you will empower yourself to create the change you desire!

These programs are designed to move you beyond motivation to create accountability from within,  and a lasting commitment to yourself.  Feel supported as you cultivate your best self!


Sculpt and tone your body, nurture your heart, balance your brain, build strength, and feel confident.  Cultivate courage to SHOW UP. 


 Create a practice of action through exploration, awareness, and choice.

EXPLORE - the 7 Day Workout Challenge

RESET - the 10 Day Meditation Challenge

RESTORE - the 7 Day Journal Commitment 

    “The next message you need is always right where you are.” Ram Dass

*Courses includes a variety of mindful practices such as; guided meditations, movement, journal prompts/reflections, affirmations, as well as weekly lifestyle challenges. 

you are HERE - the time is NOW



'Vanessa brings her positive energy and heartwarming attitude to everything she does.  As a former professional ballerina, and Las Vegas showgirl she brings her endless technique and knowledge to her workouts but more importantly it's her infectious energy that is sure to shape your body and open your heart!'


Movement is where I find my truth, my challenges, my adventures, growth, and passion.  Connecting and shaping the body, mind and breath will take you to greater heights than you ever thought possible.  I have been learning and exploring these connections from a young age as a dancer and avid adventurer.  My latest great adventure was trekking from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail over 6 months, sleeping outside, and only carrying what I could carry on my back!  Life happens out of our comfort zone. Sometimes the hardest comfort zones to shatter are the stories we tell ourselves. Start telling yourself a new story, a great epic story and I encourage you to use movement to uplift your energy and your life!


As a multifaceted performer my career has lead me to concert dance, television, film, and theater works across the country, and abroad.   

Throughout my dance career I was plagued with injuires.  Whenever I was feeling strong and forward momentum in my career and body it was never long before another injury sidelined my progress. I received my first Pilates certification during one of those times.  I was already an avid Pilates student as which historically been a major part of rehabilitation for dancers. Learning to deal with these setbacks and challenges at a young age helped me appreciate the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind. Fast forward 16 years I have studied yoga, reiki, meditation, barre, personal training, and apprenticed under the mentorship of Andie Hecker, a true ballerina/Pilates guru. I find the human body and it's abilities absolutely miraculous and feel so gratitude to explore and refine it on a daily basis.   My wellness method is designed to create a stronger mind, and body, through cultivating harmony and balance.  Expect elements of dance, Pilates, yoga, breathwork and functional training for an awakened experience!


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60 minute virtual session as private or duet.  Workout specially tailored to your needs and goals.



I hour training session for up to 3 people at your home.  
Customized workout tailored to your goals. 
*Must live with 5 miles of West Hollywood or pay additional fee for travel.



Hosting a Special occasion? Whether it's a Birthday, Bridal Shower, a just a Sunday afternoon create a memorable experience by sharing mindful movement and meditation with your loved ones.



West Hollywood, CA 90069

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