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Uplift your Mind + Energize your Body

Hello Beautiful!

I am so excited you are here! Welcome to Flow with Vanessa and the home of MANTRA MOVES™.

Whether you are looking to move your body, uplift your mindset, release old patterns, habits or tendencies I am here to guide you forward towards your goals.

Through movement, mindfulness and coaching; my goal is to give you the tools and support you need to uplift your life!

Create more than just a beautiful body .. a beautiful life!

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Vanessa Dunn, dancer, holistic coach

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Today is the day!

If you are new to Flow with Vanessa I invite you to check out my online introductory programs. I believe to be our best we must tend to the body, mind and spirit.  This is why I have created these specific challenges to awaken your WHOLE SELF!

  Elevate your mind + Energize your body 

  Cultivate courage to SHOW UP. 

EXPLORE - the 7 Day Workout Challenge

RESET - the 10 Day Meditation Challenge

RESTORE - the 7 Day Journal Commitment 

    “The next message you need is always right where you are.”

Ram Dass

Get sweaty with me on YouTube!

Flow with Vanessa


'Vanessa brings her positive energy and heartwarming attitude to everything she does.  As a former professional ballerina, and Las Vegas showgirl she brings her endless technique and knowledge to her workouts but more importantly it's her infectious energy that is sure to shape your body and open your heart!'


Movement is where I find my truth, my challenges, my adventures, growth, and passion.  Connecting and strengthening the body, mind, spirit and breath has the power to change your life in miraculous ways.  I have been learning and exploring these connections from a young age as a dancer and avid adventurer.  My latest great adventure was completing my 2nd cross country trek from Mexico to Canada. This time along the Continental Divide Trail;  6 months of living on the edge, sleeping outside, and only carrying what I could carry on my back!  Life happens out of our comfort zone. Sometimes the most difficult comfort zone to shatter is the story we tell ourselves. Start telling yourself a new story, a great epic story, and I encourage you to use movement to uplift your energy and your life!

As a multifaceted performer my career has lead me to concert dance, television, film, and theater works across the country, and abroad.   

Throughout my dance career I was plagued with injuries.  Whenever I was feeling strong  and building forward momentum in my career it was never long before another injury sidelined my progress. So I was forced to learn the importance of cross training at an early age. I received my first Pilates certification in 2004 when sidelined with a hip injury.  I was already an avid Pilates student, which historically been a major part of rehabilitation for dancers. Learning to cope with setbacks and challenges at a young age helped me broaden my view of health and wellness. Fast forward 18 years I have studied yoga, reiki, meditation, barre, personal training, and apprenticed under the mentorship of Andie Hecker, a true ballerina/Pilates guru. I am a certified Yoga life coach.  I find the human body and mind absolutely miraculous, tapping into our true potential has become my life's pursuit.   My wellness brand  MANTRA MOVES™ is designed to create a path of least resistance towards your goals.  Creating practices that nurture positivity and self love to unleash our true joy and vitality.  Expect elements of Pilates, yoga, strength training, breath work, meditation, and of  course journaling.