Modern life affords us many choices. So many in fact we tend to neglect some of life's most important decisions; instead focusing on the daily noise and distractions society puts in front of us. We fill our minds with so much noise we drown out our true intentions and intuition. I, personally, find myself manifesting anxiety while waiting in line at Sweet Greens- so many choices... what protein, what type of lettuce and dressing and do I want bread??? To-go or should I eat I have time? Maybe I should just eat a cliff bar? Am I even hungry? I haven't eaten all day, oh fuck it- I'll just have another cup of coffee and wait till dinner when I can relax and eat. Meanwhile my body is running off adrenaline, my cortisol levels are all over the places. I'm on my period and trying to ignore/convince myself I'm FINE. We complicate our daily existence to the point of exhaustion. Too exhausted to nourish and flourish in our bodies, minds, and spirits. Something as sacred as Fitness, beauty, and health cannot be bought. It must be manifested everyday through lifestyle. Every action & every thought has meaning behind it. Set your INTENTIONS. Getting fit is not about 1 hour in the gym- it is about living every moment of your life with the intention of being fit. Be accountable! Setting Intention creating habits: don't complicate your life by adding more daily decisions. Want to lose 10lbs? park a block away- EVERYTIME start eating b'fast- EVERYDAY food journal - EVERYDAY Food journaling is number one priority when creating a healthful beautiful balanced lifestyle. Journaling requires real honest truth and acceptance of ourselves. Be honest - be open - be kind. Emotional wellness manifests through our physical being. If you don't show your body and mind love and respect - your intentions will never be met. (you may lose those 10 lbs, but you won't be happy!) My Intentions 2 years ago I set the intention to walk The Pacific Crest Trail. As of March 31 my intention will become my reality as I start my journey from Mexico to Canada. The trail itself is 2,670 miles. I anticipate to walk 3,000 by the time I reach Canada. My journey will push and expand my mental, physical, and spiritual capabilities. Spiritually for me, nature is the greatest inspiration - it is harmonious, it is balanced, it is beautiful, it is simple, it always find a way to thrive, and even in disaster there is a sense of peace. Physically this hike will push my body to the extremes. I thought pointe shoes were bad-- try walking a marathon a day for 6 months!! I plan to take 10 rest days during my time on trail. But the most challenging test of all will be mentally- to quiet the voices in my head when I want to stop, to break down walls and self-imposed limits. I say this to my clients all the time- we are so much stronger than we think we we have to give ourselves opportunities to prove it to ourselves. A friend of mine recently told me she believes we are 50% stronger than we think. My immediate reaction was "50% - that seems way too high" but after thinking about it I agree. This world really would be different if women truly believed in their power! SEE IT ACHIEVE IT BELIEVE IT This photo was taken last summer in the French Alps while touring Mt. Blanc. What a magical adventure! During my travels I will be putting my training on hold. I hope you decide to follow me along the way. I plan to share updates through social medias and my blog. I look forward to returning with new tools and inspiration to share with each of you. It's not about the destination- it's the journey.

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