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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

It's our Super power!!

So let’s start treating it as such!

What if you started treating your monthly cycle as a gift instead of a curse??

It is a direct connection to our body’s innerworkings. We as women have been given a gift to help guide us through the ebbs and flow of life. Learning to be more comfortable with your body and its phases, you’ll have more control, feel more productive and be able to balance your hormones.

Our period cycle is made up of 4 distinct phases, similar to the 4 seasons of the year. 1. MENSTRUATION- aka - Period // Winter Phase​​ Day 1-5

  • Progesterone & estrogen are at their lowest causing lack of energy and fatigue

  • SUPER POWER : Intuition

  • Breath is your best friend while on your period. Allow for quiet time, and reflection. Embrace your sensitive nature and listen to your intuition. This is your monthly resting period. Yin dominates the yang.

Follow the sun - early to bed and rising with the sun. Slow down and rest, rejuvenate. Sleep more, stay warm, minimize intensive workouts, journal.

  • Nutrition: Eat warm foods- hot cereal, soup, tea. Eat high protein/iron due to blood deficiency. This will also help in sustaining energy. Animal protein, goji berries, mulberries, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, eggs, adzuki beans.

2. FOLLICULAR //Spring Phase

  • Day 6-16

  • Increase in energy, creativity, & drive

  • Hormones are low but on the rise, FSH increases to help follicles in the ovaries mature


  • Focused,creative,active,social, playful, driven

  • Energy is on the rise. Set, re-enforce your focus and intention during your Spring phase. There is new found vision and inspiration. You might feel inspired to organize. Continue to nourish yourself and eat a moderate amount of protein. Focus on building energy and hydrating. Increase cardio and intensity in workouts. DANCE

  • Nutrition: Chicken, eggs, seafood/fish, oats, rye, barley, lentils, beets, leafy greens, citrus, flax seeds, nut butters.

3. OVULATION // Summer

  • Day 17-22

  • Estrogen is at its highest level, paired with testosterone and progesterone- this means peaks of mental and physical energy.

  • Peak energy and movement. Libido increases. Cultivate relationships, and adventure.

  • Adventure, sensual,playful,flirty, social, giving

  • SUPER POWER: Strength + Confidence

  • This is the time to challenge your body. Increase resistance/weight/distance/intensity/time. Recommended workouts: HIIT, spin, run, power/strength training

  • Nutrition: coconut, figs, chocolate, tomato, lentils, moderate amount of warm food

4. LUTEAL // Autumn

  • Day 23-29

  • Letting go.

  • Ideas, learning, edgy, inward, still, hunger

  • SUPER POWER: Focus + Resolve

  • This is a great time to do a detox or cleanse. (easy on the caffeine, fats, and sweets)

  • Nutrition: FIBER! Eating more fiber will help flush out estrogen. More vegetables than protein, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, broccoli, leafy greens, sweet potato, squash, mung beans, garlic, leeks, sesame seed, mint

  • Metabolism is at its highest due to progesterone

  • Increased appetite

  • PMS symptoms arrive

  • Tender breasts

  • Belly bloat

  • Uterus swells

  • Digestion issues

  • Fluid retention

  • Body temperature rises

  • Recommended Workouts: Matwork / Pilates / Yoga / Swimming

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