The days are short and the expectations are great. With so much going on, in all aspects of our lives during the holidays, it’s understandable to lose focus of the bigger picture due to the day to day stresses of life.

I've put together 3 of my top wellness tips I use daily to help me, not only survive but, thrive during this special time of year.

Remember it’s not about HAVING time - it’s about MAKING time.

1. Relax with Purpose

 To properly relax the mind and body it takes energy - I know how tempting it can be to shut down - veg out, and crash onto the couch after a long day.  But, to truly allow your body to relax and recover it has to involve conscious effort - think a candlelit bath, writing in a Gratitude Journal, join a restorative yoga/stretch class, or schedule a self care treatment.  Maybe it means missing your latest Netflix binge, and perhaps instead, opting for an earlier bedtime.  Give yourself permission to have the best- so you can be your best.

2. Meditate  In only a few minutes you can lower your stress hormones, lower your heart rate and uplift your energy.  This is the simplest, and quickest way to a positive, peaceful mindset. If you are new to mediation find an app that can lead you through short meditations (my favorite is Insight Timer). You’ll be amazed what 5 minutes can do!

3. Probiotics  Keep your gut biome healthy.  80% of your immune system lives in your gut. Improving your microbiome will enhance your overall health and help keep the dreaded cold and flu viruses away.   Make probiotics like fermented foods, yogurt, or kombucha a part of your daily diet. Also we all know when our digestive system gets backed up it affects our whole body, mind, and attitude. Keep good vibes and energy flowing on the inside so you can shine on the outside.


Happy Holidays

Sweat, Laugh & Love

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