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MANTRA MOVES™ - The Journal is your invitation to awaken your best self, reveal your desires, uncover your wildest dreams, and set them in motion!  Let your creativity flow with this 60 day guided journal designed to uplift your mindset. Through daily gratitude, reflections, intentions, and powerful mantras you will align with your highest self.

Where attention goes energy flows



NEW FOR 2024!

MANTRA MOVES™ - The Planner is your perfect companion for when you crave a little more structure. Organize your thoughts schedules, and priorities for a more balanced and aligned day.


The class 

MANTRA MOVES™  the class is more than just a workout. It is a chance to be here now, to dive deeper into your physical, mental and emotional self. Combining physical movement and powerful mantras you will build energy, release negative thought patterns and reshape your world. It’s not just about creating a strong body it’s about creating a better quality of life.

I honor the sacred temple that is my body

with every breath

every thought

every movement

Join the movement!  Mantra Moves™  at BANDIER  in West Hollywood or virtually everywhere! 







Feel supported and nurtured in this mindful journaling workshop.  Through accountability, grace, and compassion this workshop is designed to connect you to your source, and true intention while developing inspiring rituals for a unique daily practice that will most support your evolution and growth.

During this 45-120 minute workshop we will come together in meditation, movement, and sound to explore our mind, body and spirit using multiple healing modalities to ground and center our energies.  Then let the manifesting begin as we circle together to reflect, share, and direct our thoughts, words and actions towards our best self. Each workshop is specifically curated for your space and community, always ending with 15 minutes Q & A. MANTRA MOVES™ the journal will be provided for each attendee.

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